One-stop-shop agency for E-commerce solutions

Salestube powered by hmmh are the best combination of knowledge about the key areas of customer contact with the brand and the competence to use it skilfully in projects. The synergy of these organizations allows real sales' scaling of your business. Understanding how the company's business result is influenced by a useful online store, tailored martech architecture, precision in the use of data, media optimization and personalization of the message are the foundations of the one-stop-shop philosophy.

We are part of one of the largest e-commerce software houses in Europe

Hmmh has been developing e-commerce services for over 25 years, having over 300 experts on board and generating over EUR 25 million in revenue annually. Hmmh AG's customers are the key global brands Tchibo, Bonprix, OTTO and Decathlon.

Idea of the connected e-commerce

The transformation from multi-channel business to connected commerce requires holistic, flexible, and seamlessly networked strategies and processes. For this purpose we design cross-business, intelligent solutions in interdisciplinary and agile teams. Thanks to them, we provide an end-to-end service, which consists of: strategy, store design, development, technological set-up and connection of all systems, communication, media and analytics. It all happens under one roof.

E-commerce is not only about launching a store based on the selected Platform. It's a group of connected vessels. To make the client's business successful, in addition to the implementation part, we always look for opportunities for improvements and process automation in each project.
Łukasz Białonoga
CEO hmmh Poland

Technologically agnostic

We create solutions for our clients based on various technologies to achieve the best possible end result for the needs of our clients. Based on an individual analysis, we recommend the best solution to the client, taking into account all his needs and development plans. As the only company on the market, we are the leading partner of all major e-commerce platforms, which makes us the most reliable expert for our clients.

Use of technology

Building an online store is just the beginning of the road to success. Its further optimization is equally important, as is the effective monetization of website traffic. As a partner of Google Marketing Platform, Salesforce, Tealium, Synerise or Google Cloud, and having the largest team of analysts on the market, we advise not only on the architecture of the client's marketing ecosystem. We are practitioners of these solutions and thanks to this we help our clients to maximize the potential of today's technologies to enable them to grow to the maximum.

We don't just build stores. We scale our client's business!

Building an e-commerce store or its optimization is a significant, but only the first step on the way to success in e-commerce. The key to the development of the client's business is to conduct strategically planned marketing activities, both focused on building scale and maintaining a high ROI. Being the largest performance agency in Poland, we are responsible for comprehensive marketing services, thus taking full responsibility for the business results of our clients.

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