Not just Netflix. Shopware has own VOD platform!

Modern, effective communication is the ability to move efficiently at all levels connecting a company with its stakeholders. However, what is extremely important, it is not only about sales promotion and marketing, but also about building added value, which can be achieved, among others, by sharing knowledge and experience.

You have probably come across the Shopware platform, one of our most important business partners, more than once. Very often we write and talk about its advantages, solutions, facilities, but also about the synergic approach to cooperation, which significantly supports the development of not only our business but most of all the business of our customers. 

VOD in business? There you go! 

The Shopware platform is not only about e-commerce and modern technology. It is also an integrated communication, one element of which is the Shopware TV channel – a VOD platform that is also our partner. 

Its recent is a great example of how a company should take care of its community, not only customers, but also employees, contractors or  business partners. 

The content on Shopware TV is divided into two basic categories: entertainment content and educational and business one. What’s interesting, the platform features Shopware TV Originals series, such as “New Kid in Town,” the story of two brothers who aim to build a multimillion-dollar technology company after relocating to a small village in Germany. Another series is “DEVinitely” about everything that is important today, and will be important tomorrow, for the booming e-commerce industry. 

A different perspective on the company 

Why did Shopware decide to launch its own VOD platform? Sebastian Hamann gives a short but comprehensive answer: “When people who don’t know us come across Shopware, they may only see us as an e-commerce company. Of course they are right. But that view doesn’t tell the whole story”. 

Shopware TV is an infotainment platform for e-commerce enthusiasts that aims to promote openness to new ideas, concepts and the cooperative exchange of ideas and knowledge between all market participants. It is worth emphasising that this is a position and approach worthy of the highest praise. 

Communication based on knowledge and experience

“We have always driven the growth of industries in the SME sector with our solutions and ideas, and Shopware TV fits right in with that concept. Above all, we want as many people as possible to benefit from it”, – adds Sebastian Hamann. 

Therefore, Shopware TV primarily provides inspiration, but also gives you a peek into all areas of the company and the fascinating e-commerce industry, which still holds many secrets. 

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