Shopware United Days – The first Shopware conference in Poland

In recent years, the e-commerce market has been growing at an astounding pace. One of the factors in this growth is the Shopware platform, a solution of increasing popularity and the subject of the Shopware United Days conference – the first such event in Poland, which was held on 27-28 September. We obviously attended.

The main reason for having the conference held in Poland is the increasing popularity of the platform in our country. The small and medium e-stores are successfully blazing trails as they build, open, and develop their businesses, but they require efficient, reliable and – most importantly – functional business support tools, which aim to automate all processes as far as possible. The Shopware United Days proved that the platform fulfils all these expectations.

The Shopware United Days convinced us that Shopware is among the most effective developing e-commerce technologies in Poland. The experiences shared with other software houses inspired us to make numerous improvements in hmmh Poland. We particularly liked the presentation of Shopware PWA capacities, which showed us how our favourite platform will be developing in the near future.

Kornelia Trzęsowska


Shopware in Poland and worldwide 

The platform is used by true giants. They include one of the most famous German football clubs Borussia Dortmund, Aston Martin, and Thyssenkrupp. This is perhaps the best possible recommendation. But there is no need to look too far as Shopware is squeezing out other platforms right in our backyard because – in addition to its functions – it offers optimised implementation paths and time. And there is nothing more important than reaction time in today’s reality. 

We mentioned them plenty of times, but we still should point out the main factors of Shopware’s competitive advantages. The main is the implementation cost-to-time ratio. Another is the configuration ability given to its users, who adapt it to individual needs or directions of business development. A well-structured CMS does not require its user to know about coding – they can make changes and preview them in real time. Current customers point out the advanced API, which is flexible enough to reduce this stage of the platform’s implementation in stores.

Case study – implementation in Jussee Cosmetics

We also implement the Shopware platform for our customers. We have already completed three projects and are in the progress of three more. We presented the case study from one of the implementations at the Shopware United Days conference. The panel was hosted by Michał Salamon (e-commerce lead, SalesTube), who discussed the progress of and most important experiences in the implementation of Shopware for Jusee Cometics – Julia Wieniawa’s new cosmetics store. It should be noted that the entire store is based on Shopware, the implementation of which produced numerous measurable benefits. 

First of all, everything was done quickly thanks to the one-stop-shop model, the four foundations of which
1) designing the graphics and implementing e-commerce,
2) brand strategy,
3) preparing the product and the content,
4) ongoing analytics and media campaign – minimise the potential of so-called bottlenecks in a synergic and cohesive manner. 

Second, the platform is flexible, which makes it compatible with various tools to considerably reduce the implementation time. Third and most importantly, one-stop-shop covers designing work (key visual) and communication, which provides ongoing control capacity and reaction to potential changes made by the customer. 

Fourth, thanks to the several analytical solutions and communication tools planned at the same time, we were able to start promoting the store right away. The whole project took exactly three months, which is a very short period when we consider the matter we were dealing with and the strong competition in this segment of the market (cosmetics).


We would like to thank everyone for attendance in the conference. We gained plenty from the shared experiences, insights, and apt points, which we will use to improve our services and optimise internal processes, which quickly determine the satisfaction of our customers – the main objective of our activity. 

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